Hunched back + Hunched shoulders + Stiff neck = #^$%@!


Stress, challenge, anger, the back of the heart takes it all. You know the area: tops of the shoulders; neck; upper back; area between the shoulder blades. That is the back of the heart! This generous area helps shield the vulnerability of the front of the heart.

Ustrasana – “Camel Pose” – is a supported heart-opener. Great for any persons who can relate to the above mentioned hunching. Amazing for instrumentalists, anybody sitting at desks all day, occupations in stressful situations, crazy families, (it seems to me that this would be everyone).

Begin with several rounds of cat and cow. Take care to warm up the spine. Take padding if you have sensitive knees.

– Keep the toes tucked under so that your hands can rest on your heels for support

– Align the knees just under the hips. Avoid splaying the knees apart.

– Lightly lengthen the tailbone down and direct the hips to stay on top of the knees, but without pushing the hips forward

– Reach for the heels and expand the chest, shoulders, and if you have a healthy cervical spine, open up the throat by looking up and back

*Take a moment to rest in a child’s pose. It might feel nice to keep the knees close together, and drape the arms along side the body.

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