Open-faced Piggyback

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Ever feel like all of the effort you spend on your posture goes down the drain by the end of the week? And sometimes it takes less than a week? Grab a friend, partner, co-worker, and try this heart opener to un-hunch your back.

Begin standing back to back. Person 1 bends the knees and slightly leans forward so that Person 2 can rest buttocks on Person 1 lower back. Wait for Person 2 to then recline onto Person 1 back. Hook the arms. Person 1 begins to lift Person 2 until their legs and feet are dangling. Person 1 please keep your knees bent to protect your back and to strengthen your thighs. Person 2 is totally relaxed and can begin to dangle the arms as well. Stay here for several breaths. From here there is an option to go a little deeper for Person 2 – bend the knees (please use slow movements) and hold onto the feet or ankles with hands. Person 1 remains steady so that Person 2 can access hands to feel/ankles. Carefully let go and switch poses!

Whether your hunched posture is due to stress at work, long hours of traveling, long hours on the road and performing, or any of the countless tasks and events that come to pass, this is a really accessible and fun partner exercise that can be done nearly anywhere.

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