Why yoga?

I am not the feature model on the cover of The Yoga Journal. I did not start out super flexible and bendy, nor have I become so. My toes feel a mile away if I skip out on practice for a week. And most of the time I feel like I take more steps backwards […]

Open-faced Piggyback

Ever feel like all of the effort you spend on your posture goes down the drain by the end of the week? And sometimes it takes less than a week? Grab a friend, partner, co-worker, and try this heart opener to un-hunch your back. Begin standing back to back. Person 1 bends the knees and […]

Playful Scorpion

The forearm stand -Pincha Mayurasana- is a wonderful alternative inversion for the handstands, which can be a lot of pressure on the wrists. However, the forearm stand can be very challenging. There are many ways to build the shoulder strength to help hold the inversion, and also the lengthening and openness (think Gomukasana – Cow […]