Active Rest

This post is for instrumentalists or anyone with sensitive wrists who are looking for ways to build strength without compromising suppleness and fluidity of the hands/wrists and arms/shoulders. Balasana – Child’s Pose – is typically considered a restorative pose. But with a simple hand variation, this became the place where I began to find elongation […]

Side Plank, Thank You Very Much

Vasisthasana – Side Plank Let’s face it. Any arm balance, both hands or one-handed, can be stressful on the wrists. Before I learned how to mindfully (over time) build strength in my tender musician’s wrists, I omitted many poses for the sake of my hands. I loved Vasisthasana, and did not want to miss out. […]

Find your Happy Seat

Utkatasana, otherwise known as “chair pose”, and commonly referred to as “awkward chair”. This was one of those “fire it up” poses that used to give me so much grief. My upper shoulders/neck area¬†were already collecting my stress and tension. It brought pain and more stress to keep my triceps framing my ears! Thankfully, the […]